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THC and CBD Products for Pets

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Help your furry friends be calm, cool and collected.
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CBD and THC blends for your pets.
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THC DOG treats

The most delicious way to treat you pooch back to health.
CBD Dog Treats

THC Dropz

Discrete and exact dosing for optimal medical results.

1:1 THC/CBD Dropz

20:1 THC/CBD Dropz


Direct skin applications that provide extreme muscle relaxation and relief.

THC Salve - Citrus Mint

THC Salve - Lavender

THC Salve - Tea Tree


Vet approved THC products for your furry friends.

1:1 CBD/THC Pet Drops

Cooking Oils

Take healthy meals to the next level.

THC Infused Coconut oils for cooking

Magic Oil


Pet Products
"Mama Dog’s change was nothing short of remarkable. After she started taking the drops on her food, her arthritis basically went away. She had more energy, and it was like she was reborn. At 15 years of age, she was as active as our 4 year old dog. And as she approached the end of her life, you would have never suspected the time was near. I highly recommend this product to any pet owner."
Mama Dog
“Since we adopted Lynzee, she would bark at all noises, poop and pee when stressed or put in crate, and bites and growlers when stressed. She has major separation anxiety! But since we began giving her the pet tincture she’s more relaxed in the evenings. We add a few drops to her treats to help relax and calm her down when we noticed she is stressed and irritated. Works instantly! As a pet owner, I can get a better nights sleep when the windows are open as she would bark when the leaves would fall from the trees! I’m very happy and have relief knowing my dog has a natural remedy.”
“Lucy can be aggressive on walks with other dogs that show any sort of aggression towards her. Especially since our baby was born a year ago. She is very protective of him. In her afternoon feeding we put some drops on her food, and this helps to mellow her out. By our evening walk, she is more relaxed and not as crazy. Love how it helps mellow her out without seeming stoned. And I love that it’s all natural!”

The Dr. Rosebudz Commitment to Quality

All of our products are grown in our own farms. Everything we sell has been personally sourced and created for you in small, high-quality batches. EVERYTHING WE SELL HAS BEEN TESTED BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY TO PROVIDE MEDICINAL GRADE CANNABIS PRODUCTS.


Product Testing

All of our products are subjected to the highest level of cannabis testing and certification by SC Labs. This means our THC and CBD dosages are exact you can know exactly what you’re getting.

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