The Dr.Rosebudz Story

Dr. Rosemarie Flores is a chiropractor and alternative healer who sees the benefits of cannabis first-hand.

After being a holistic practitioner for 20+ years, it wasn’t until 2012 that I began my research and discovered the many great benefits of cannabis. I have since found an interest in cannabis oil, and it’s unique ability to treat a wide array of ailments. As I started to see the amazing results cannabis oil was having on my clients, I began developing different cannabis wellness products to help promote natural healing.

The research is abundant that cannabis has a medicinal quality and can potentially ward off disease. I am committed to the pursuit of organic healing herbs and developing products that can potentially aid in the healing process of most modern day illnesses.

I work with a team of holistic practitioners which include medical doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists and naturopaths.

Different From the Ground Up

We grow our own strains of cannabis on our own farm land, harvest the plants at just the right time, and formulate our products to provide the maximum medicinal impact. We then send all of our products through a rigorous testing process at SC Labs to ensure the product is pure and the doses are consistent.

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Medicinal Cannabis

Because we believe in the medicinal properties of cannabis, we also believe that getting the dosing right is important in order to take advantage of its healing properties. Each body and each condition is different, but we make it easy to understand what you need based on your conditions.


The Dr. Rosebudz Commitment to Quality

All of our products are grown in our own farms. Everything we sell has been personally sourced and created for you in small, high-quality batches. EVERYTHING WE SELL HAS BEEN TESTED BOTH INTERNALLY AND EXTERNALLY TO PROVIDE MEDICINAL GRADE CANNABIS PRODUCTS.


Product Testing

All of our products are subjected to the highest level of cannabis testing and certification by SC Labs. This means our THC and CBD dosages are exact you can know exactly what you’re getting.

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